Over time, the factory fitted rubber filler pipe will perish and crack. This results in the fuel being spilled when you fill the tank. This filler pipe is the large rubber tube leading from the fuel cap to the fuel tank. Replacing the fuel filler pipe on your Suzuki SJ is not as difficult as it first sounds.

The red arrow show the crack in the fuel pipe

Tools and equipment ...

The basic tools and equipment that you will need are:-

-Replacement filler pipe
-60mm Hose clamp
-Large philips screwdriver
-Medium flat screwdriver
-Pair of pliers
-10 mm spanner
-Electric drill
-2mm drill bit
-6mm drill bit
-Contact adhesive


Removing the old pipe ...

Start off by removing the carpet covering the fuel filler panel at the back of your SJ if there is a carpet fitted. This is held in place by velcro tape. The velcro tape usually peels away from the carpet, instead of the mating tape. Next, usingthe large philips screwdriver, remove the three screws as shown in the pictures below.


The screw at the bottom, on the load floor will probably be rusted in place, and will call for more than the large philips screwdriver. Using the 2mm drill bit, drill a pilot hole into the screw. Then using the 6mm drill bit, drill the head of the rusted screw until the head comes away. If you want to reuse this hole, change the drill bit to one that is 5.5mm in diameter, and continue to drill out the shaft of the screw. Then using a M6 tap, cut new threads, and insert a new screw.

Now that all the screws are loose, remove the cover, and you will have access to the fuel filler pipe. Once again, using the large philips screwdriver, remove the screw holding the black and orange one way valve. There is no need to disconnect any of the smaller pipes.

Next, we need to undo the clamp holding the fuel filler pipe in place. Once the clamp is loose, it's time to move under the car.

Using the 10mm spanner, remove the three bolts holding the fuel pipe guard in place. These bolts will probably be so rusted that removal may be impossible, with the bolt heads snapping off. An easier, but just as effective method is to gently bend the guard out of the way slightly, so you have access to the pipe and hose clamp. Removing this hose clamp will be almost impossible, and it is far easier to break it off using the pliers.

Once the old hose clamp has been removed, pull the pipe off the fuel tank, and then off the filler spout. It will still be held in place by the large rubber grommet. If possible, do NOT remove this from the car body. Instead, slide the filler tube out carefully. If you do remove the grommet, it's not a problem, it's just easier if it's left in place.

Fitting the new filler pipe ...

Most manuals would now probably tell you that the installation of the filler pipe is simply the reversal of the earlier removal process,but this is simply not true. Feed the small end of the filler pipe through the large rubber grommet, and then move back under the car.

Place the new hose clamp loosely around the filler pipe and then fit it to the tank. (It is easier if you apply a small amount of vaseline on the inner edge of the filler pipe first, as it will help the rubber pipe slide onto the metal tank fitting more easily.) Once it is attached to the fuel tank, tighten the hose clamp.

Now it's time to connect the filler pipe to the inlet filler spout. Once again fit the hose clamp over the filler pipe before trying to attach it. (once again, use a bit of vaseline.) It is a bit of a twist and push job to get it in place, but as soon as it is on, tighten the hose clamp, and the job is almost done.

Re-attach the black and orange one way valve, and replace the cover, and tighten all the screws. Refit the carpet, and clean out the back of your SJ.

All that is now left to do is to either replace the fuel filler pipe guard (using new bolts) or gently bend it back into place. Job done ! ! !

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