Part of the satisfaction of driving a Suzuki SJ is knowing that the little workhorse will go almost
anywhere. There will be times when you may want to, or need to, cross a body of water. It is better to have a snorkel and breathers fitted to the vehicle, although this is not always the case, and the SJ may end up with water in the cylinders, and therefore a drowned engine.

If by chance this does happen, it is a relatively painless process to get the engine going again once the vehicle is out of the water.

-Remove the air filter.
-Remove water from the intake pipe and check it for any deposits of sand or dirt.
-Remove the spark plugs.
-Chock the wheels and jack up the rear of the vehicle. Engage fourth gear and two-wheel drive. Release the handbrake.
-Turn the engine by rotating one of the rear wheels. Rotating the engine in this way
prevents the starter being stressed and prevents the possibility of a bent conrod at
any stage of the flush because with hand-power, resistance can be felt and nothing
is forced.
-Once all the water is out of the cylinders, clean, dry and replace the spark plugs.
-Only replace the air filter if it is dry, because a wet paper element could
disintegrate, and be sucked into the engine causing greater problems.
-Make sure that no-one is standing behind the SJ when it is fired up as there will be
water in the exhaust that will be expelled quickly.

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