Foot pedals wear as the years roll on. New pedals are available at reasonable prices, and will really enhance the look of a car. Bear in mind however, that aftermarket pedals are ideal for off-road, and show use, but should not be used for daily driving.

Fitting new pedals is easy, and should probably take about fifteen to twenty minutes.

From this...

Tools you will need ...

-Electric drill.
-4.5mm drill bit.
-Allen key.
-7mm spanner.

Fitting the pedals ...

Remove the old rubber pedals. Place the new pedals over the existing pedals using Blue-tac to hold them in place temporarily. Make sure that all the pedals are all aligned with each other, and are a minimum distance of 50mm apart. Using a marker, mark where the holes will be drilled.
Make sure that you have enough clearance underneath the pedal to tighten the nut easily before drilling any holes. Adjust the new peadls accordingly, recheck the positioning of the holes, and then drill the holes.
Insert screws into the holes, place the nuts on the back, and tighten slightly. Ensure that the screws are tightend equally, so as to allow the pedal to fit onto the natural curve of the pedal. Tighten the screws on all three pedals, and the job is done. this!!

Fitting accessories ...

When fitting any accessory to your vehicle, remember the following do's and don'ts:
-Fit the accessory in such a way that it will not interfere with the safe operation of the
-Fit the accessory in such a way that it does not interfere with the driver.
-Always make sure that the accessory does not interfere with your ability to drive
and control the vehicle safely.
-Always make sure that it is safe and clear to drill mounting holes into a panel before
-Always check what is under the panel that you will be drilling, before drilling.
-Always make sure that the accessory you are fitting does not interfere with any
other component.
-Pedals must be a minimum distance of 50mm away from each other.
Fitting accessories ...

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