This is the next step to do after you have cut the hinges on your sammi. I did this a while back , so the zuk is my old one. but the process remains the same. I have done this to 3 rigs with good sucess. The only downside is if you overtighten the self tapping screws it will strip out the hole in the cowl.

First remove the mirror from your sammi. The screws can be a bit stubborn sometimes

Now hold the bracket up to where you are going to place it on the cowl. I used a finish nail to scribe the mark on the back. The mark follows the body line of the cowl.


I used a cut off tool to make the two cuts. The vice grips keep your hands safe and the bracket also gets pretty hot. You could use a dremel,

but I think it would use a lot of cutting wheels.

Please note:
It would be safer to use a bench mounted vice
instead of the vice grips - for safety reasons.




This is the bracket with the cut done. I used a bastard file to clean the edges up and sprayed some flt black on it so it would look a little better.

I squared the rear edge up to the tub and drilled the first hole. I then used a 3/16" self tapping screw to attach it.

A dab of silicone behind the mirror fitting will seal against rust and will also hold the mirror bracket in place.

Don't overtighten the self tapping screws it will strip out the hole in the cowl.


Heres the second hole. I drilled it after I got the 1st screw in and everything all lined up.

So now you can run without doors legally. If you run without doorstraps the door can hit the mirror , but overall I am very happy with this cheap and easy modification.

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