As most Suzuki SJ series jeeps are now purchased as pre-owned vehicles, not many, if any, still have the original handbook. Many of the Samurai and Santana Suzukis have been fitted with an aftermarket detachable hard top. Some owners want to convert back to the soft-top. So, here are some tips to help you fit your Suzuki SJ Series Soft Top.

1. Place the soft top over the rear hoop, and ensure that it is aligned centrally.
2. Pull the top forwards, towards the front window, ready for the next step.
3. Check again and make sure that the top is aligned as centrally as possible.
4. Slide the front section into the grooved channel fitted on the windscreen by pushing
from one side to the other.
5. Centralise the soft-top again, ready for the next stage.
6. Slide the side sections into the grooved vertical channels behind the roll bar.
7. Clip the studs on each side of the rear corners, and then move on to secure the
side clips. Then move on to the rear clips.
8. If the roof is fitted with wraparounds, attach them to the rear and side hoop.
9. Fit the fastenings on the rear window section to the fittings on the Tailgate.
10. Secure the flaps around the door posts.
11. The soft-top is now fitted.

Removing the Soft-top ...

No prizes for guessing that the removal process is the reverse of the installation procedure.

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