You, or a friend, WILL need to be able to weld to a fair standard. THIS IS CRITICAL -rice crispies and super glue don't count.

This modification is done at your own risk, and the author take no responsibility.

Tools and equipment ...

What's needed;

-Pair of mole grips
-Large flat ended screw driver
-150 Amp gas MIG welder and 0.8mm wire (minimum)
-9" angle grinder with a few spare disks
-Paint (whatever colour you fancy)
-Drill bit same size as valve hole
-Idealy a spare set of sj rims (standard sj steels)

Assembly ...

Start by inspecting the inside of the rim. You will notice just afew welds holding the rim center to the rim outer. Fully grind away all the welds - you will need to allow 2 grinding disks per rim for this (because as the disk wears it will not reach into the corner) and carefully knock the center out with a mallet. If it don't wanna move then grind it some more. Clean up all areas to be welded carefully.

Take the wheel center, turn it around and tap it back into the outer rim to the same place it was originaly, just inside out. Then bolt it tightly to one of your front hubs. Next take a long flat ended screwdriver and clamp it to the leaf spring so that one end of it is just touching the wheel rim. Now slowly spin the wheel and check the gap between rim and screwdriver stays constant all the way round. Just keep going till you have it "spot on". Now tack weld it in position and recheck that the wheel still runs true. When it does, weld it all the way round. Remove from SJ and weld it again on the other side all the way round. Fill the old valve hole with weld and grind down flush. Drill a new one on the other side - simple!!!! Just add paint.

I done my own a few months ago, I have little welding experience and the grinding gets a bit of a drag- but all is fine. Took me about two days start to finish to do five rims. Cost me £10.00 for mig wire and used some left over paint. Or you could just buy some for £50.00 each!! A 160Amp welder cost me £150.00 and angle grinder cost £50.00. The same cost as a set of rims and I still got the equipment to start on my own SPOA conversion and roll cage (16 ton pipe bender £100.00) .... will post some pics shortly.


This article was written Alan, and was originaly posted on the original forum

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