This is two slight modifications that you can do to a Vitara power steering box to increase the amount of turning power you have for larger tyres. perfect for those of you running up to 35" tyres.


This can be done with the pump in the rig.

If you do not see an improvement you have air in the lines, cooler or pump.

#1 The Drill and shim modification works well, and is a long term reliable mod, when done correctly with a good pump and box.

If you are not comfortable drilling the pump, don't. There's plenty of power to be found with a properly sized washer for your pump(all pumps respond different).

#2 A cooler is almost required when you add a washer or increasing operating pressure. A cooler is also recommend with a stock pump when used off road or with bigger tires.

#3 All pumps are not created equal; A thicker washer produces more pressure and can make or break this mod. Some pumps respond only slightly to a thinner washer, so they will require a thicker washer to show any gains. Some work great with a washer the thickness of a penny, or nickel, some need more.

Some setups that didn't work well, or didn't have enough power have ended up working well once a thicker washer was added. It just so happened that mine worked really well from the git go with a penny sized washer.

#4 The hole to drill in the pump is the angled one at the bottom. Drill it larger by 1/64th and no more. Do not to leave anything at all in the pump.

If this hole is drilled too large the box will get more flow, but then the pressure will be reduced. An extra shim may revive a pump that has been drilled to large (no longterm feedback yet).

#5 A pump and box in good condition is absolutely critical. A well used, high mileage, or abused pump & box, will net you an awful power steering setup.

How to...

First remove this cap. It is the cap that has wire on it on a stock vitara

Now remove the spring from the cap, and insert a washer that fits inside the cap, and lands on the lip that holds the spring. The purpose is to make the spring more compressed for more tension.

Once the washer is installed it should look like this

Now you are ready to re-install the spring, and put it all back together.

This will provide more pressure to turn bigger tires.

Now for a further mod. If you look inside that area after you have remove the spring their is a brass piece in there. Remove that brass piece and you will see a tiny offset hole in the casting.

This hole restricts the flow of hydraulic fluid. Use a drill index (found at any ace hardware). index that offset hole, it's actually a very thin orifice. Now find a drill bit that is 1/64th (0.4mm) bigger than the offset hole. Drill that hole 1/64th" (0.4mm) larger. Make sure your lines are unhooked, and after you drill that orifice out flush it with some P/S fluid and you are good to go.

You now have added flow to go with your added pressure from the washer mod. Their is no reason this pump can't be used for heavy demand applications once it's modded and drilled. You might however want to add a small p/s or tranny cooler if you plan on running the steering hard or for long durations in heavy demand applications. Otherwise the fluid will get hot, expand and foam on you (as with any pump)


This article was written by  Mason Lykins a.k.a Skyman on the forum

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