This modification allows you to select low ratio whilst in 2wd. Normally on a standard t-case you can only select low ratio with 4wd, however, there are times when you may want to have the control of the lower ratios, yet only be in 2wd.

This is an extrmely simple modification to carry out, but at the same time, quite difficult. The difficulty is there because you have to take the transfer box apart. For insturction on how to take the t-case apart follow the Rocklobster write-up, up to & including point 7. This will tell you how to take the cases apart.

The work involved...

Once you have the output shaft out of the case you are left with the selector rod still in its hole:
(note: you do not need to have the other gears out to remove the selector)

Suzuki Club UK - SCUK - 2WD Low Mod

Pull this out carefully. You will be able to see right throguh the hole, and on the left there is a recess where there is a ball bearing (arrowed:)

Suzuki Club UK - SCUK - 2WD Low Mod

Remove this ball ball bearing. The selector rod can now be put back in line with the out-put shaft, and put back in place. Now the case can be put back together.

Just to re-cap, here's a diagram:

(8) is the hex nut which is removed when taking apart the case, (step 5 on the rocklobster write up) along with the spring
(6)&(7) Spring and ball bearing
(5) is the selector rod which is removed from its hole in the photos above.
(4) is the ball bearing that is removed completly.

Suzuki Club UK - SCUK - 2WD Low Mod

Once the case is back together (following step 11 of the rocklobster write up) you will now be able to select 2wd low. This is the other complicated part.

The new shift patterns

This is somtimes called the "mystery-shifter" pattern, as it can be quite hard to get your head around first time round.

Before we go into the shift pattern diagrams, one thing to remember - you do not lose the original "J" pattern shift. This is still used.

Suzuki Club UK - SCUK - 2WD Low Mod

This is the original pattern we are all used to. Imagine that the two vertical lines are the selectors: On the left you have up for 2wd, and down for 4wd. On the right is is down for high ratio, middle for neutral, and up for low ratio. Removing the middle ball bearing allows you to push both selectors in line with 2wd (for the left selector)and neutral (for the right selector).

Suzuki Club UK - SCUK - 2WD Low Mod

To do this, you need to go halfway across 4wd H, then push up. This will give you the new shift pattern:
(The original "J" pattern is still shown in grey.)
Once you move up from the middle of 4wd H, push the shifter to the right, and then up to where 4wd L, used to be. This is now 2wd L.
(you can make sure of this if you've connected your 4wd switch up. If the 4wd light on your dash doesn't come on you've done it right)

Suzuki Club UK - SCUK - 2WD Low Mod

To get back to 4wd L, you need to go back down to neutral, left to the middle, back down to 4wd H, then follow the original "J" pattern to 4wd L.

This also allows you to move from 2wd L, quickly to 2wd H by going straight down to where 4wd H used to be.
Again, to get back into 4wd, you need to follow the pattern back to the original "J" pattern.

Just to make things a little more complicated, there is another shifter pattern you can have with this mod. You don't have to worry about this too much, infact, you never have to use it. However, it is handy to know its there, just incase you accidentally slip into it and dont know how to get back.

Suzuki Club UK - SCUK - 2WD Low Mod

Now you see why. They're all neutrals. so if you get lost in here you'll be trying to figure out why your not moving! This is because the right selector is left in the neutral position, so no matter where the left selector is, 4wd or 2wd, you'll get no movement whatsoever.

Again, to get back to the original "J" pattern, its simply a case of getting in the middle of the two neutral positions and pulling down to get 4wd H, and our back into the original pattern (there isn't really any true value to this shifter pattern, but if you're worried about leaving your Suzuki anywhere, stick it into this pattern. Anyone trying to steal your Suzuki will be confused to say the least as to why its not moving, and if they do manage to find a moving gear, it'll probably be 2wd L, and they wont be going anywhere quickly!)

It's a tricky one to grasp, but once you've got it, it's easy to remember. So if you didnt understand it this time round, go back and read it again!


This Rocklobster article was written and submitted by Andy (A.K.A. Andy B)

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