Why extend a propshaft...

With the fitting of larger tires you may find that they foul on your bodywork, you may therefore consider moving the axle by about an inch. A result of this is that your propshaft will be to short. There are two solutions to this, either buy a propshaft spacer for about £30 or excersise your fabrication skills and extend the shaft yourself.

Extending the propshaft...

A bit of tube was found that slid over the yoke (Note I'm running Skinny props but the principal is exactly the same.) and then another piece with hacked off a spare prop that I had lying around.

These were squared up in the lathe, this isn't 100% needed but it helps.

Here you can see the extension piece and the bit of thin walled tube.

Suzuki Club UK - SCUK - Extending Propshaft

I welded the extension piece on first, (it was slid onto the splines of a prop to make sure it aligned) then the welds were ground back slightly to allow the tube to fit.

Then the tube was fitted and welded, 1 of the welds had to be ground back for the sake of balance and neatness.

But i think that should hold.

Suzuki Club UK - SCUK - Extending Propshaft

And the finished article. Mental note to put camera on charge!

Suzuki Club UK - SCUK - Extending Propshaft


This article was originally written by Nathaniel from Difflock and can be found HERE

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