Note: This is for a manual choke carb and is not a full strip down, just enough to get to the important bits and to give them a clean. Every bit you see or remove give it a good squirt with CarbMedic and clean it, it will be basically the same for a carb with an automatic choke.

First disconnect choke, accelerator, fuel line and fuel solenoid wire - 

Undo the four bolts holding carb to manifold (could be from the top depending on model)- 

Take a note of how the gaskets and channeled spacer plate sit, leave them on the manifold- 

Remove carb (practice throwing at neighbor's dog)- 

Undo bolt holding acceleration pump arm and slide arm out of the pumps plunger (left hand side in photo) - 

Remove fuel solenoid - 

Undo 2 screws holding the hot idle gubbins, disconnect the vacuum pipes and remove - 

Bottom HIC vacuum pipe sits on the very bottom of the carb- 

Remove fuel inlet banjo - 

To remove the (manual) choke stuff do this - 

Note this - 

And off it comes - 

Remove this pin from accelerator gubbins to choke gubbins to release the arm - 

And undo the 5 screws - 

Top part (air horn) now comes off - 

Remove spring from accelerator pump - 

 A quick map - 

 Remove primary and secondary speed jets and check gaskets - 

Undo the two bolts to gain access to the main jets - 

Remove main jets (primary and secondary)-

Give everything a good clean. Check for damaged gaskets and rubbers on the acceleration pump.

Re build and go VROOM VROOM!!!

I had a lump of something keeping the secondary speed butterfly partially open which was causing me big problems (similar to yours) but now it runs sweet!


This Article was written by Simon 'likes to get his electronic crayons out' Owen.

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