Always follow the rules of the countryside when driving on Byways -

  1. Do your homework first; ensure there are no restrictions on the lanes that you want to use I.e. there isn't a TRO or VRO on the lane.
  2. Keep your speed down. 12mph is the recommended limit.
  3. Limit group sizes 4-6 vehicles maximum to reduce impact. If more people want to join then split into smaller groups and leave a good amount of time between groups, possibly even take different routes.
  4. Stop to let walkers, bikers and horses pass, it's often best to turn off your engine for horses to avoid spooking them.
  5. Close gates after you.
  6. Always be prepared to turn back if the route is blocked.
  7. Do not drop litter.
  8. If it's wet and you find mud, or a badly rutted route do not treat it like a playground, instead maybe choose a different route to minimise the chance of damage to the lane.
  9. Respect local residents - especially at night.
  10. Remember, a byway is a public road, so your vehicle must still be Mot'd Taxed and insured. It must be totally legal.
  11. DO NOT drive off piste, stick to the main route of the byway at all times, this includes while crossing fords, do not try to drive up or downstream in the river.
  12. If you meet someone who opposes the fact you are driving my on a lane, do not get angry - just explain to them that you do have a right to be there as it's a public right of way.

Also consider joining a local 4x4 club, there are hundreds of clubs that often go greenlaning and cater for everyone from novices to experts.

Suzuki Club UK do not condone irresponsible behaviour and driving while greenlaning, it's what gets our vehiclular rights of way closed.

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