Torque settings, How tight are your nuts?


Spark Plugs_21 
Camshaft cover bolts_3 to 3.5 
Intake/exhaust manifold nuts/bolts_13.5 to 20 
Camshaft sprocket bolt_41 to 46 
Cylinder head bolts 
8 valve engine_46 to 50 
16 valve engine 
Step 1_25 
Step 2_40 
Step 3_48 to 50 
Crankshaft pulley bolts_7.5 to 9 
Crankshaft pulley center bolt 
8 valve engine_52 
16 valve engine_76 to 83 
Oil pump gear plate bolts_7 to 8.5 
Oil pump-to-block bolts_7 to 8.5 
Oil pan bolts/nuts_7 to 8.5 
Flywheel/driveplate bolts_58 
Timing belt cover_ 7 to 8.5 
Rear main seal housing bolts_8 
Rocker arm shaft retaining screws_7 to 8.5 
Timing belt tensioner bolt_17.5 to 21.5 
Timing belt tensioner nut_7 to 8.5 
Engine mounting center member bolt_43 
Distributor gear case bolts_6 to 7.2 
Main bearing cap bolts_36.5 to 41 
Connecting rod cap nuts_24 to 26.5 

Manual Transmission_Ft-lbs 

Oil fill and drain plugs_20 
Transmission-to-engine bolts/nuts 
Samurai_16 to 25 
Vitara_51 to 72 
Input shaft bearing retainer bolts_14 to 20 
Shift lever retainer bolts (Samurai)_30 to 60 in-lbs 

Auto Transmission__Ft-lbs 

Transmission-to-engine bolts and nuts_62 
Torque converter-to-driveplate bolt_62 
Oil pan bolts_9 

Transfer Case_Ft-lbs 

Transfer case-to-transmission nuts_20 
Shift lever case center bolt_60 in-lbs 
Shift lever case bolts 
Sidekick_144 in-lbs 
Samurai Transfer case flange nut_80 to 108 lbs

Clutch and Drivetrain_Ft-lbs 

Pressure plate-to-flywheel bolts_14 to 20 
Driveshaft nuts and bolts 
Samurai_17 to 22 
Sidekick and Tracker_36 to 43 
Freewheeling hub 
Manual locking 
Hub body bolts_15 to 22 
Hub cover bolts_72 to 109 in-lbs 
Automatic locking 
Hub body bolts_15 to 21 
Kingpin bolts (Samurai)_15 to 22 
Pressure plate-to-flywheel bolts_14 to 20 
Front wheel bearing nut (Samurai)_96 to 132 in-lbs 
Front wheel bearing lock nut (Samurai)_43 to 65 
Driveaxle flange bolt and nut (Vitara)_29 to 43 
Front axle housing mounting bolts (Vitara) _37 
Front wheel bearing locknut (Vitara) 
1992 and earlier (all models)_89 to 148 
1993 and later
Differential carrier bolts 
Differential drain plugs 
Brake backing plate bolts/nuts_14 to 20 
Brake drum & Wheel nuts_37 to 59


Front Suspension

Leaf spring U-bolt nuts_44 to 58 
Leaf spring shackle pin nut_22 to 40 
Leaf spring eye-to-frame bolt_33 to 50 

Front strut/shock absorber upper mounting nuts_14 to 22 
Front strut/shock absorber-to-steering knuckle nuts_58 to 75 
Lower control arm 
Front nut_50 to 75 
Rear nut_65 to 100 
Balljoint stud nut_32 to 50 
Balljoint-to-lower arm nuts_50 to 75 
Spindle-to-steering knuckle bolts_29 to 43 

Rear Suspension

Leaf spring U-bolt nuts_4 4 to 58 
Leaf spring shackle pin nut_22 to 40 
Leaf spring eye-to-frame bolt_33 to 50 

Rear balljoint boss bolts_2 9 to 43 
Upper arm bolts_58 to 72 
Proportioning stay bolts_1 7 
Trailing rod nuts_58 to 72 


Steering wheel nut_18 to 28 
Steering gear mounting bolts_51 to 65 
Intermediate shaft pinch bolt_14 to 22 
Pitman arm-to-steering gear nut_101 to 129 
Tie-rod end ballstud nut_22 to 40 
Steering shaft rubber joint bolts_11 to 18 
Pitman arm nut_101 to 129 
Drag link nut (Samurai)_22 to 50 
Center link nut (Vitara)_22 to 50 
Idler arm nut (Vitara)_50 to 72 
Steering knuckle seal retainer bolts_96 in-lbs 

Fuel and Exhaust_Ft-lbs 

Fuel pump-to-cylinder head nuts_7 to 11.5 
Carb/throttle body mounting nuts/bolts_13.5 to 20 
O2 sensor_40 


Fan clutch-to-water pump nuts_6 to 8.5 
Thermostat housing bolts_7 to 12 
Water pump-to-block bolts_7 to 9 


Brake bleeder screw_8 
Brake hose-to-caliper inlet fitting bolt_14 to 18 
Caliper carrier bolts_51 to 72 
Caliper mounting bolts_18 to 20 
Master cylinder mounting nuts_7 to 12 
Power brake booster mounting nuts_7 to 12 
Wheel cylinder mounting bolts_6 to 9 


Glass stud nut_4 
Hinge bolt_26 
Handle nut_4 
Latch screw_7 
Front door vent window screw_1 
Rear door stationary glass channel frame screw_1 
Hood hinge bolt_23 
Lift gate 
Hinge bolt_7 
Latch screw_7 
Striker screw_22 
Front seat frame-to-floor nut_18 
Rear seat-to-seat back cushion hinge bolt_33 
Safety belt anchor bolt_36